Training for Friends Groups


A survey was undertaken with existing friends groups and local community groups, who had expressed an interest in carrying out activities in Parks and Green Spaces to understand the exisitng skills and what training and support is needed to enable groups to increase their capacity to deliver activity in their local parks.


In response to these survey results and conversations with Friends of Torbay Parks and Green Spaces groups as relationships have developed, a list of training needs to support groups to carry out well planned and delivered projects which are funded and adequately resourced.


The face to face training modules below were developed by experienced training staff from Groundwork South with reference to training resources from TCV, RSPB, National Trust and the Woodland Trust.


The modules are as follows and will be rolled out according to community need.


Training Modules:


Working with communities

Supporting Volunteer Group Members

Leading Practical Projects

Social Media


Survey results


Training Requested


Groups were asked to pick from a list of potential training and support.

What training and support wouldyou like to receive from your Green Spaces Worker? Please tick all applicable.

Groups were asked about their confidence in delivering aspects of Green Space Projects in order to gain understanding of the need of training elements. These results can be seen above. The elements in which groups were least confident were:


Project Planning

Gaining specialist advice

Developing funding bids

How confident are you/your group in the following: