Delivering Projects Safely

Managing Your Project Safely


This section provides guidance on how to manage your project in terms of health and safety and insurance for your activities

Site Management and Responsibility


This page provides and overview of the safety guidance and details of responsibility for site management, in terms of your project.


  • How do you plan a project?
  • Who can do what?
  • What do we need to do to make sure our project can run legally and safely?
  • What equipment can we use?
  • Whose liability is it?
  • What is a Risk Assessment?
  • How do we assess risk?
  • Sample Risk Assessments
  • Authorising projects

Accidents and Injuries


What do we do in case of and accident?

How do we report accidents?

  • How to carry out safety and tool talks


  • Guidance on safe tool use
  • Sample tool talks