Get Involved

Want to get in on the Green Stuff?


Want to do more? Find details here of how to get involved in practical projects, fundraising, events, organising and more!

Join your local friends group or start up a group for your park, if none already exist.


Contact Debs for a chat and for information and support on joining or starting a group or to plan and run activities in your local park.


Find out more about being part of a Friends Group

Hold a fun event to get people into parks ina different way.

Host a toddle, a teddy bear's picnic or a games day.

Come along to one of our events to see what we're doing.


For ideas and support, contact Debs today

Hold a fundraising event to support your local park


Bring people together to ahve fun while raising money for projects which make a real difference to our local green spaces.


Carry out a fun wildlife survey to explore the nature of our local parks and let us know what you see. Join in the social science activities and share your findings with Torbay.


For ideas, resources and support, contact Debs today

Paid Roles


We do not currently have any paid roles within the Torbay Green Spaces partnership.